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Watervliet Elementary Staff Listing
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Mrs. Loida Lewinter, Principal

Mr. David Wareing, Assistant Principal

Mr. Donald Stevens, Literacy Director

Phone: 629-3400 | Fax: 273-5312


Kindergarten   First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade
Mrs. Cioffi
Mrs. Jacob
Mrs. Pontore
Mrs. Shufelt
Miss Taylor
Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Brozowski
Mrs. Goodell
Mrs. Minnick
Mrs. Suedkamp
Mrs. Manning
Ms. Mills
Miss Sand
Mrs. Tallmadge
Ms. Todd
Mrs. Castle
Mrs. Desmond
Mrs. Foglia
Mrs. Hoefer
Ms. Spano
Ms. Budniewski
Miss Heid
Ms. Hulslander
Mrs. Lance
Ms. Meehan
Mrs. Bird
Mr. Gleason
Mrs. Swyer
Mr. Travers
Sixth Grade Self-Contained Reading Specialists Math Specialists Special Education Speech
Ms. Garhartt
Mrs. LaBoissiere
Miss Lloyd
Mrs. Magyar

Mrs. Cusack, K-2
Miss Moran, Gr. 3-4
Ms. Jackson, Gr. 5-6
Mrs. Alric
Mrs. Backus
Mrs. McCabe

Mrs. McNeff
Mrs. Salvi
Mrs. Deguire
Mrs. Waldron
Ms. Diaco
Mrs. LaVallee
Miss McGrath
Ms. Maes
Mrs. Murtagh
Mrs. Donovan
Miss McGrouty
ENL Guidance Counselor Special Area Teacher Assistants Teacher Assistants UPK
Ms. Morgan
Ms. Zuniga
ENL website
Mrs. Bariteau
Mrs. Santiago, DASA Coordinator
Mrs. Collett -
Vocal Music
Mr. Hoefer -
Physical Education
Mr. Lane -
Physical Education
Mrs. Novotarski -
Mrs. Preston -
Mr. Roberts - Instrumental Music
Ms. Abate
Mrs. Corey
Miss Coulombe
Ms. Franz
Miss Gilchrist
Mrs. Grimmick

Mrs. Sogoian
Mrs. Spenard
Ms. VanEpps
Ms. Veshia
Ms. Vinzo
Ms. Wuerdeman
Mrs. Zawistowski

Mr. Stevens, Director
Mrs. O'Connell, secretary
School Nurse
  Mrs. Vogel
Fax: 629-3250
    Mrs. Tetrault
Mrs. Delsignore
Mrs. Daniels

Most staff can be contacted through their school email account. Email addresses consist of the first initial of a staff member's first name followed by their last name, up to 8 letters (total). For example, John Carpenter would be jcarpent@vlietschools.org. If you need assistance obtaining an email address for a member of the WES staff, call the main office at 629-3400.