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A student with a temporary physical or emotional condition that makes school attendance medically impossible shall receive individual instruction in a suitable public location such as Watervliet Library, the student’s home, or other public facilities. This instruction applies to students incurring a physical or emotional condition after which they can reasonably be expected to return to regular day classes or an alternative education program. This application process is consistent New York State Education Law.


Before approving Home Tutoring, the District shall require satisfactory evidence, in the form of a signed statement of a licensed physician, psychiatrist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker-R, that the condition of the child medically prevents attendance at school. This statement must be completed by a licensed physician or psychiatrist in order to be considered, must include the diagnosis and the length of time the student is anticipated to be absent from school and must be attached to the application. Home Tutoring is authorized by the District, not the student’s physician or psychiatrist.

Many students with temporary health problems may still be able to attend school with modification. These modifications are determined through planning sessions with the family, student’s physician or psychiatrist, school nurse, and other school officials. In some cases, a temporary modification of the school schedule is sufficient to accommodate the student’s needs, and Home Tutoring is not needed. Home Tutoring will not be assigned when there are less than ten (10) days remaining in the student’s school year.


The student may not be eligible for services if there is a contagious disease or other factors present that could jeopardize the health or safety of the teacher. The Director of Programs & Pupil Services and the School Nurse will review all applications and determine eligibility. This may include contacting the student’s physician or psychiatrist regarding diagnosis or treatment. The Director of Programs & Pupil Services will inform the parent of the decision.

Elementary school students on Home Tutoring will receive five hours of instruction per week and secondary school students will receive ten hours of instruction per week. An adult must always be present if services are being provided in the student’s home.

Tutoring is provided in coordination with the District calendar. No tutoring will occur on a school holiday or weekend, during summer months, or on other days when school is not in session. Any exception must be approved by the Director of Programs & Pupil Services in collaboration with the building principal and the superintendent.


If Home Tutoring is approved, the student will not participate in any extracurricular activities, including, but not limited to, school dances and other social events, school events, or athletic activities while on Home Tutoring.


Requests for extension of Home Tutoring services beyond the period of time that is initially approved will require additional documentation and must be satisfactory to the District. Any child who is excused from school attendance for more than six (6) months must have two (2) signed statements from two different licensed medical physician or psychiatrist’s. Exception: If a physician or psychiatrist certifies that a student has a chronic physical condition unlikely to substantially improve within one (1) year, then one signed statement is sufficient for services that extend beyond six (6) months. This exception does not apply to students with mental health conditions.


The District reserves the right to obtain an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) by a physician or psychiatrist of its choice whenever a student has been on Home Tutoring for more than one month. Home Tutoring may cease to be provided if the parent does not reasonably cooperate in making the student available for the IME.


An Application for Home Tutoring must be completely filled out and submitted to the District’s Director of Programs & Pupil Services. This form may be obtained from the PPS Office. The following information must be supplied by the physician or psychiatrist:

1. The reason why Home Tutoring is necessary.

2. The medical condition including history, prognosis, and medication.

3. Any limitations concerning the kind and duration of instruction.

4. The length of time needed for Home Tutoring.

5. Possible precautions that the tutor should take during the period of instruction.

6. The physician or psychiatrist’s original signature is required (stamped signatures will not be accepted). Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Parents will be notified regarding approval or denial within five school days after receipt of the Application for Home Tutoring.


The Director of Programs & Pupil Services, Janelle Yanni, is responsible for the arrangement and supervision of Home Tutoring assignments. Upon receipt of a copy of an approved Application for Home Tutoring, the PPS Director will contact the principal where the student is currently attending. The principal will:

1. Contact the classroom teacher(s) for books and assignments;

2. Upon notification by the principal that a student is on Home tutoring, the teacher of

the individual subject should make available to the principal all future assignments and tests, as administered, and changes in text materials, if any.

3. All pertinent books and materials at the school that the student is currently attending will be sent to the PPS Office.

4. All materials will be returned to the school where the student is currently attending for grading.

5. The school where the student is attending is responsible for sending out the progress reports at the end of each marking period. The Home tutor will consult the PPS Director concerning any concerns.


When a student is to return to school, the PPS Director will notify the building principal to facilitate the transfer of the student back to the attending school. Each student must have a specific date of conclusion on the request for Home Tutoring. The student is expected to return to school on the date approved on the Application for Home Tutoring. If a student is returning to school before the end of the term originally prescribed by the physician or psychiatrist, a doctor’s release note is required. The doctor’s early release certification will need to be brought to the school of residence prior to the student’s return to school. All Home Tutoring is automatically terminated at the end of the student’s instructional school year. Should the need for Home Tutoring still exist for the next school year, the parent must reapply for the services.


If the student is unable to return to school on the date approved by the District, the parent and the physician or psychiatrist must complete a new Application for Home Tutoring. Additional medical documentation will be required and must be satisfactory to the District. When a classified student exceeds 30 consecutive days on Home Tutoring, the CSE shall convene a meeting to review and, if appropriate, revise the student’s IEP. Refusal or failure by a parent to complete a new Application or to cooperate with the District Administration may be deemed a violation of compulsory education laws.


It is the desire of the District to provide a positive and meaningful educational experience for a child while he/she is on Home Tutoring. The District will provide a teacher for five (5) hours per week for elementary student and ten (10) hours per week for secondary students. The teacher will work closely with your student’s regular classroom teacher(s) to ensure a current and relevant curriculum is being offered. The District reserves the right to cancel Home Tutoring if the student is not benefiting from the program, or the conditions in which instruction is provided is not conducive to learning, or if the number of student absences is excessive.

The parent will be notified by the Director of Programs & Pupil Services if the request for Home Tutoring has been approved or denied, and the designated location for such instruction, within five days of submission of the physician or psychiatrist’s request for Home Tutoring. In order to provide the best possible instructional program during this time, the District requests that the parent participate in the following ways:

1. Ensure that an adult is present in the Home during the instructional time. (No instruction can take place in the student’s Home without an adult present.)

2. Ensure that the student is present when the teacher arrives. Absences will not be made up.

3. Supervise the student in following through with assignments.

4. Report any problems with Home Tutoring to the PPS Director.

5. Provide an environment for study that is quiet, well lit, and free from interruptions.

Pets should be secured in an area away from the student/teacher study area. (Siblings should not be present in the room during instructional time.) If other arrangements need to be made, discuss this with the PPS Director.

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